A Visual Guide of main XHTML's Tags

elementsyntaxvisual result (default)
h1<h1>h1: heading 1</h1>

h1: heading 1

h2<h2>h2: heading 2</h2>

h2: heading 2

h3<h3>h3: heading 3</h3>

h3: heading 3

h4<h4>h4: heading 4</h4>

h4: heading 4

h5<h5>h5: heading 5</h5>
h5: heading 5
h6<h6>h6: heading 6</h6>
h6: heading 6
p<p>p: paragraph</p>

p: paragraph

strong<strong>strong: usually bold (default behavior)</strong>strong: usually bold (default behavior)
em<em>em (emphasis): usually itallic / oblique (default behavior)</em>em (emphasis): usually itallic / oblique (default behavior)
ul & li<ul><li>ul: unordored list</li><li>li: list item</li></ul>
  • ul: unordored list
  • li: list item
ol & li<ol><li>ol: ordored list</li><li>li: list item</li></ol>
  1. ol: ordored list
  2. li: list item
dl & dt & dd<dl><dt>dl: definition list</dt><dd>...</dd><dt>dt: definition term</dt><dd>dd: definition description</dd></dl>
dl: definition list
dt: definition term
dd: definition description
table & tr & th & td<table><caption>caption</caption><tr><th>th: </th><th>table header</th></tr><tr><td>td: </td><td>table data</td></tr></table>
th: table header
td: table data
a<a href="index.html">a (anchor): hypertext link</a>a (anchor): hypertext link
img<img src="./images.d/favicon_ter.png" alt="an image" />an image
span<span>span: a small part of text</span>span: a small part of text
div<div>div: a large block (division) of the web page</div>
div: a large block (division) of the web page
hr<hr />
sup<p>text with<sup>sup</sup> tag</p>

text withsup tag

sub<p>text with<sub>sub</sub> tag</p>

text withsub tag

pre<pre>pre: preformatted text</pre>
pre: preformatted text

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